My First Learnings

Well, the next author’s thought came a lot earlier than I expected. And what brought about this unexpected post is that after posting my first travel story ‘Exploring the North Cascades’, I decided to pull the plug on it temporarily.

What happened? Well, my initial plan was to post stories in parts which I will write as and when I get time and post them, but as I set down to publish the 2nd part, I realized I was not very comfortable with this idea. As the writer, It was not giving me the flow or continuity I was looking for and after reading the post myself, a post without a closure just didn’t seem right and felt without purpose.

The reason I thought of publishing the stories in parts was because I did not want a single page write up of the entire story. With all the images I was including, I was not sure how the page will load in mobile and I did not like the idea of a really long page which takes an eternity to load.

Today as I was exploring the tools available in WordPress, I came across the ‘Page Break’ option – which was the ‘duh’ moment. So there you have it, I took it down so that I can post the entire story in one go, with page breaks to make reading easy. Apologies for the churn _/\_

Now since we are on the topic, the trip to North Cascades is one of my favorite and memorable ones. As I’m writing it, I’m reminiscing the experience and I realized there is a lot I want to showcase about this trip. The write up is almost done and I will be getting to work on adding the images soon – which is going to be a mix of pictures from my Camera and phone. I’m hopeful that I will be able to publish the entire story by this weekend. See you soon with a new post and stay safe!

Leaving you with a picture from the North Cascades for the meantime…. 🙂

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