The Drive Along The Columbia River Gorge

Sunrise and the first Pitstop

I could still feel the rush of adrenaline as I drove down the interstate. I was conscious of every car around and exactly what they were doing. After about an hours drive after the incident, it was day break and I could see the rays of sun against mountains on the foreground. I was approaching Portland, OR, which meant that it was time to get off I-5 South.

I forgot the exit number, but you need to take the exit to Salem,OR that will take you on I-205 which you need to follow for a bit. The drive on I-205 was amazing as I was driving towards the sunrise and I could see the silhouette of the mountains and the sky was a fiery orange. I really had to find a place to stop as well as by this time, I was driving continuously for almost 3 hours. I usually prefer to stop every 2 or 2 and half hours to stretch and make sure I stay active. So the lookout for a place to stop began. 

Day Break as I got on I-205. There is a bit of snow on the road sides
I could see silhouette of the mountains. It was a beautiful morning

The drive on I-205 was a short one as soon, I took the exit to WA-14 – the Lewis and Clark Highway. It was on this road that I first realized which route this was. I was driving right alongside the Columbia River Gorge and on that slightly overcast day, the river looked absolutely gorgeous and it was crazy windy too. I had driven on the Oregon side of Columbia River Gorge, but never on the Washington side and If you ask me, the drive on the Washington side is a lot more scenic. The view of Oregon’s mountains against the river from the Washington side is breathtaking. 

As I was driving along WA-14, I got a chance to stop at a small park – Steam boat landing park. It was a much needed break to calm the nerves and reset the mind. There was a fox roaming around there as well which I tried to take a picture of on my phone. Here is the result.

Saw the Sign for ‘Steam Boat Landing Park’
A colorful morning by Columba River
There is a fox in this frame. Can you spot it?

Getting back inside the car was heavenly. It was as if the outside cold did not exist at all. I was really excited at this point as well and made a mental note that I should bring my NineT on these roads. It would be the perfect combination. Also, these roads were brand new to me and the excitement of exploring a new road was overflowing. So with a big smile, I got back on WA-14.


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