The Drive Along The Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge

Beautiful! That is how I remember the drive. And more than anything I missed the nineT at this point. With the nineT, it would have been a gruelling ride with the wind and cold but I was missing her badly and would have given anything to experience that road on her saddle. In my mind I was already making plans to bring her here. Some more pictures of the drive.

WA-14. Its Oregon on the other side
Mountains to the left, the river to the right
The NineT definitely need to see this
Some train tracks too
Its hard not to fall in love with this road

After a bit, I came across a park – Home Valley Campground – where I could stop for a bit and it was right by the Columbia river. Spend some time here taking photos and relaxing near the campground.

Stopped for a bit to take some photos
Oh you beauty!
It was crazy windy, but scenic as well
A self portrait to remember the occasion by
Time to get back on the road

After a while, the road starts gaining elevation again.The view continued to keep me engaged. I stopped here from where I could get a clear view of the Vietnam Memorial Highway in Oregon. 

The road continues to mesmerize me
More mountains and River
How is that mountain top so straight?
The last stop along WA-14
Washington Memorial Highway, OR
Another bridge connecting Washington and Oregon

After the stop, the road gained elevation and it slowly eased me into a snow covered landscape again. It was time to get off WA-14.

The road gains elevation and slowly started going inland
The scenery is still beautiful
Snowcapped mountains on the horizon
Soon, it was time to exit WA-14


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