Mount Hood Scenic Byway Loop

Day 2 : To enjoy the sunrise

I had big plans for day 2. The overall plan for the day would have me cover another 350 miles (~563 kms) and the plan was to do the entire scenic byway, meet the Vietnam Vetarans memorial highway (I-84) at Hood River, OR, take this road straight back to Cannon Beach, OR for the sunset and then head back to Troutdale, OR for the stay. I had a number of small way points planned along the way. It was an over ambitious plan – maybe day 1 had got to my head.

Day 2 : A little over ambitious?

The day began at around 5:30 am. I got up, freshened up and got ready to head out by around 6:15 in the morning. The first place to visit was Trillium Lake, OR. To be honest, one of the biggest reasons I started exploring Oregon at the time was to see this lake. I had seen so many amazing pictures of this lake that I just had to see it by myself.

I packed the camera, tripod, some filters for the lens in my backpack and started off to Trillium Lake. It was a partially cloudy day and I could see Mt Hood in front of me wearing a cap of clouds. I was hoping the clouds would go away so that I can get a clear shot of Mt Hood (The pictures can explain better here). The road to Trillium Lake is scenic and fun to ride on. I was riding during the golden hours and around 6:45 I reached Trillium Lake. 

What an amazing view it was, The water of the lake was completely still and there was a light layer of fog hovering over the water. And in the distance, there was Mt Hood standing tall, but it still had clouds covering the peak. I found a spot which I liked and settled in among other eager photographers. A lot of others had the same idea. It was time to click away.

The view when I arrived.
The clear water reflected Mt Hood beautifully
I stared seeing some activity soon
I hoped that Mt Hood would show its peak while I was still there
What an awesome way to relax
Day break
Mt Hood’s peak visible at last
I was in love with this place

There were ducks which were hanging around me almost like they were posing for a picture. But I was mesmerized by the view to care about them. Now I feel I should have taken a couple more pictures of the ducks as well :). 

Ducks posing in front of the camera?

I spent about an hour here, well into the sunrise, just clicking away. Mt Hood decided to show its peak just as I was about to leave.

As time passed, the photographers are slowly replaced by people fishing and picnicking
The beauty
the day light add to the drama
I wish I could be out there in the water too
And a last look back when I was about to leave. I’m definitely coming back here

Around 8:30 am, I was back at the resort and just in time for closing time for breakfast. As I was about to leave, I met some people who were curious about me and the motorcycle. After a chat and exchanging pleasantries, around 10:00 AM, I rode out again.

The Resort in the Mountains, OR


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