Mount Hood Scenic Byway Loop

Day 2 : Mount Hood Scenic Byway

Now that I think about it, I believe I did this trip during one of the busier times here – or maybe it is always busy? The first way point for the day was Timberline Lodge and Ski Area. This is an old lodge which is a landmark and it piqued my interest. The ride up to timberline resort is fun. The road is a climb and filled with a lot of fast sweeping curves –  an absolute pleasure on a motorcycle. And just when I was about to reach the parking for the resort, I was greeted with a view of Mt Hood. The parking lot however was full and even after a couple of rounds of searching, I could not find a place to stop.

Soon I climbed back down to US 26. Coming down was just as much fun as going up as there was not much traffic – which is a little strange considering how crowded the parking lot was. The next way point was Mt Hood Meadows. It is also a Ski area similar to ‘Timberline Lodge and ski area’ and the stop here was more of a strategic one than for sightseeing. It seemed like a good point to take a break.

A bit after the turn in for the exit I needed to take for Trillium lake, I had to take the exit to OR-35, the Mount Hood Highway. Here I made a happy mistake. Instead of taking the exit, I followed US 26 and my GPS recalculated the route. Since the GPS recalculated, I did not bother turning around and just continued on. And the route the GPS took me on was a crazy one, with a clear view of Mt hood ahead . I was guided through unmarked forest roads and eventually joined back with Mt Hood highway (OR 35) close to Mt Hood Meadows. 

Sometimes I feel I should just let my Navigation device plan all the route for me. I have tried to map this route to try it again since then, but I have not been able to so far

I stopped at Mt Hood Meadows for a bit to take some photos and get some stretches in.The next way point – Cloud Cap Inn. 

Me and the nineT enjoying a moment of peace together


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