Mount Hood Scenic Byway Loop

Day 2 : Lost Lake

Distance from Cloud Cap inn to Lost lake is about 38 miles (~61 kms) and it is accessible by side roads which pass through the small town of ‘Dee’ (I love that name). Lost Lake was a place which had completely escaped my Radar and it was brought to attention by a friend who visited here once. My interest in Lost Lake again was not the lake itself, but the curvy roads. I had higher expectations from this road after what happened with Cloud Cap Inn.

The drive from Cloud Cap inn to Dee is somewhat relaxing and can be reached without entering OR-35. I passed through the town of Parkdale and I was more than happy to take it easy after the back breaking 2 hours I had spent on those gravel roads. One distinct feature I remember about this road are the two volcanoes – Mt Hood behind and St Helens in front. For a moment, I did get confused whether I was going the wrong way seeing a mountain up front. By this time, Mt Hood was further away and didn’t seem so imposing. 

The road after Dee did not disappoint and I let out all the frustration from earlier on this road. I’ll share a video to show the ride. 

I did not spend much time at Lost Lake itself as it was crowded with people and it was just not the time to take any pictures. But satisfied by the ride so far, I turned back after freshening up at a restroom nearby.


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