Mount Hood Scenic Byway Loop

Day 2 : Destination reached

After Lost Lake, I was ready to hit the bed. My body was aching all over and I was tired and hungry. But there was one more destination to check out before the day got over. Multnomah falls. I had heard so much about Multnomah before but never before had a chance to stop and see the falls yet. 

The ride from Lost Lake to Hood River was uneventful. But once I hit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway (I-84), things changed pace very soon. It was windy which made it feel like I was getting pushed around and more importantly, it was an interstate and which meant it was a chance to tuck in and open the throttle on the nineT again. This is a fun freeway to ride on with Columba River Gorge on the right and the mountains of cascade locks to the left. 

There is another of my favorites roads here and that is the Historic Columbia River highway. This narrow heritage highway which passes right alongside I-84 and is filled with curves, Waterfalls and changing elevation.

Soon I reached Multnomah and I was again faced by the problem I had been having throughout this trip. There was a long queue of vehicles waiting to park at Multnomah. I was annoyed at this point and decided to turn back and decided to come back early next morning for the falls.

After another half an hour’s ride, I reached Troutdale, OR, the place where I had reserved a stay for the night. The original plan involved riding all the way to Cannon Beach for the sunset and then returning to Troutdale for the night but I decided to check in first and then head for Cannon Beach. After freshening up, laziness kicked in and I decided to cancel the Cannon beach Plan. After a heavy dinner at a Chinese restaurant nearby, I came back to the hotel and slept early. The fatigue had caught up by then. I covered around 206 miles (~330 kms) on day 2


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