A Weekend in Frozen Idaho

Day 2 : Hells Canyon

Me and Subhadip had a hearty breakfast in the morning. I pretty much went all out on scrambled eggs and sausages they had. We had a long drive ahead – close to 600 miles (~965 kms) and I was supposed to be the primary driver. So I needed all the energy I could gather.

Day 2 Route

The first way point we had planned to cover was Hells Canyon in Idaho and it was about 50 miles to this point from our stay. It was my turn to drive first and Subhadip will take over around noon till evening. We started from the hotel around 9:30 am after breakfast and freshening up. As we drove into Idaho, the scenery quickly changed from wet and green to Snowy and white. By the time we took the exit to the detour to Hells Canyon. It was completely white. We were driving in a world of snow and frozen lakes and we were excited.

A frozen lake on the way. There were lots of smaller ones on the way too

We reached the turn for Hell’s Canyon and the road was completely covered in ice and snow. Debolina showed concerns that it’s probably better not to continue ahead as the road ahead is covered in loose snow, but us guys were excited as we had a Jeep Cherokee under our command. Our reaction to her concerns was “Relax, we have a Jeep 4X4, what could go wrong. We have an off-roading machine that’s meant for terrains like this and we had good grippy tires too”. I mean this was the car that the rental guy suggested when we mentioned snow. 

At this point, I cannot stress enough gents –  but always listen to the lady!! After driving for about a mile on that road, we got stuck in snow just as we thought maybe we should turn back. I had experience driving on snow before and I had driven on even looser snow on my car which is a Sedan and was surprised that an 4X4 SUV got stuck in snow. This is where all fun began. To explain what all we did to get out of there would be another big story by itself, but know that about half an hour of rocking the car back and forth, scraping snow from under the car  and slowly turning by changing the settings on the car to each mode, somehow, we somehow managed to get the car to point it the right way on that narrow slippery mountain side road.

The road to Hell’s Canyon and where we got stuck
Enjoying a moment of respite after we managed to turn the car around

We took some time to relax and calm ourselves from the almost big fail we had. Planning to see Hells Canyon, we almost saw Hell ourselves. We talked and laughed about the ordeal and decided not to pull any more stunts like that from then on. On the way back, we stopped at a couple of spots to take some pictures.

Our companion for 3 days
It was snowing as well


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