A Weekend in Frozen Idaho

Day 2 : Idaho – A Frozen Wonderland

It was still my turn to drive, so still not many pictures (but that will change soon). After around 90 miles (150 Kms) from where we got stuck, we reached the town of Moscow, ID and decided to stop for Lunch. We stopped at a Pizza hut opposite the University of Idaho for lunch and decided Subhadip would relieve me of my driving duties for the time being.

After lunch, Subhadip started the drive and I sat shotgun with my camera. Moscow, ID to Twin Falls,ID is around 420 miles (670 Kms). Subhadip would cover the maximum distance he can and I would take over once he is feeling bored or tired (I should add that neither of us ever get bored of driving, so tired was the criteria mostly) .The route was absolutely beautiful. Driving down US 95 was like a dream, with rolling hills, wide open farm lands and the snow covering it all. It rained intermittently and the overcast conditions from the rain just made everything look better. I’ll shut up and let the pictures do the talking now. You can thank Subhadip for taking over the driving so I can capture these pictures 🙂

The roads winding through the hills
The overcast conditions added to the drama
Driving through these landscapes

I’ll just interrupt here to talk about this place we stumbled on. I don’t remember now exactly where this place is, but we were in love with this view. Of course, I’ll track it down here again on the nineT.  

This view could easily be highlight of this trip
A closer look at those mountains in the background
One final look before leaving. If you know which view point this is, then please do leave a comment 😀

There were lots of winding Canyon roads and beautiful scenery. More scenes from the drive from this point below.

The road starts going downhill from this point
And we seem to be heading towards the city we saw from above. The tint on the Jeep’s windscreen adds a nice effect to the pictures
The landscape switches to green after a bit
This road ❤
And the sun starts setting slowly
The tranquility
And soon we see more mountains like waves
And we drove right on the mountain side
Sun starts to disappear behind the mountains
Soon, we move into some valleys
And the road continues to wind its way through the valley

Our Jeep was a gas guzzler and we were running out of gas. Some frantic searches in Google later, we luckily found a small gas station at the town of Riggins. Riggins is a small town and we topped up on gas here. I proposed switching drivers here, but the proposal was declined and Subhadip continued the drive :-/. It was getting dark and my camera could not keep up with the moving vehicle. So I packed up the camera and just relaxed and enjoyed the view.

At Riggins
One of the last pictures from Day 2

We planned to have a quick dinner at Boise, ID and stopped at a Starbucks for some snacks. From here I got my hands on the wheel again. Boise to Idaho is another 2 hours and 150 miles (240 Kms)  and we just passed time talking about the trip that day and plans for the next day.

Around 9:00 pm, we reached the stay and tucked in early. Day 2’s drive was long, but we had an even longer one the next day. 


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