A Weekend in Frozen Idaho

Day 3 : Exploring Twin Falls

Day 3 started with another hearty breakfast filled with eggs and Sausages. We had planned to start the day early on day 3 by around 7:00 am at least as we had lots of places which we planned to check before starting the return trip to Seattle. By the time we eventually started, it was close to 9 30 am.

We had a lot of places in our list –  Bruneau dunes state park, Thousand Springs park, Shoshone Falls, Craters of the moon, Mt Borah, Payette Lake. But it didn’t take us long to realize that covering all these places is going to be impossible unless we want to start the drive back around evening. But considering we all had work the next day, we wanted to be back home by night so that we all get a good rest. Twin falls to Seattle is about 620 miles (1000 kms) and it’s a long 10 hour drive and driving at night would have been a terrible waste of the road trip.

Eventually, we decided to check with the hotel receptionist about the best places to visit nearby and she recommended 3 places – Centennial Waterfront Park and Shoshone State park and if possible, Balanced Rock park which can be a little bit of a detour. I began the drive for the day and we decided to head to Centennial Waterfront park first.

View of Perrine Memorial Bridge on the way to Centennial Waterfront Park

Centennial Waterfront Park is at the bottom of Snake River Canyon. It is a fun short little drive and below, there are boat launches or places to fish I believe. Generally a great place to chill out. 

It rained a bit when we reached down
Taking a class on Self Portraits in person
The landscape is such a stark difference from all the white from previous day
That smile shows how much fun we are having

The next stop was Shoshone Falls Park. I had seen pictures of Shoshone falls on the internet and was excited for it. The drive to the falls is also a fun one where we need to drive down the side of Snake River canyon (No pictures of the drive as I was the one driving). We were disappointed when we reached shoshone falls though as the water flow was stopped for the season. Still we stayed here for a bit taking pictures and decided we should come back during summer.

View of Snake River Canyon from Shoshone Falls
A closer look at the Canyon
Unfortunately, water flow was closed for the season.

The next stop on the way was Balanced Rock and it was a bit of a detour. But on the route to Balanced rock, Idaho again showed the kind of landscape that we had come to expect from it- Rolling mountains, Canyons and farm lands. On the way. We stopped at another small park for some pictures and then decided to move on to Balanced Rock.

A stop along the way
Balanced Rock. It looks like a giant ‘?‘ to me

At balanced rock, the driving responsibility was again shifted back to Subhadip and I was back with the camera on the shotgun seat. This was one of the rare moments that I was actually happy to hand the wheel to someone else. Oregon was on the way to home and I wanted to capture as much of Oregon as possible.


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