Exploring Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Riding Through Gifford Pinchot

Randle to Lower Lewis Falls is about 57 miles (~90 kms) and I was starting to feel tired – not because the ride was not interesting, but the uneven and broken road was starting to tire me out. There were patches of road where there was no pavement and I had to ride on the gravel. The frequent bumps, slowing down and the winding roads were tiring me out both physically and mentally as it demanded my full attention. Riding these unkempt roads is a different experience altogether from riding down interstates, probably a joy only a few would enjoy.

At one point when I stopped to take a rest, an old couple in a pickup who was behind me even stopped to ask if I’m doing ok. Their exact question was ‘How are you managing to hold on to your bike on these bumpy roads?’. They even offered to carry me and the nineT on their truck if I liked till Northwoods. It was a sweet gesture, but I politely refused their offer and decided to continue on. 

Stopped for a bit of rest. Riding on these roads can be exhausting

But that said, I was really tired and I wanted a safe spot to stop and take off my riding jacket and rest for a bit. Once I reached Northwoods, I started looking around for any place to stop and came across a campground called Swift Forest Camp. As I was going in, I was stopped by someone at the gate asking for a pass, but after explaining to them that I will be there only for a bit and just needed a place to stretch and relax for a bit, they let me go inside. (I really love how understanding people are here).

Swift Forest Camp is really a nice place to stop with a good view of the Swift Reservoir. I trotted inside and found a place to stop with a good view of the lake. I spent some time resting here and before starting off, I did a photo shoot of the nineT and me at the place and the area. 

At Swift Forest Camp
The nineT taking a breather too
For the memories

Next stop Lower Lewis Falls..

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