Exploring Gifford Pinchot National Forest

In Search of Fuel

It was around 1:30 PM by the time I got back to my nineT. I plotted the route to Takhlakh lake and it was about an hour’s drive from there – around 22 miles (35 kms). But I had another problem – I was running short of fuel. I had enough left for about 50 or 60 miles (80 kms) left in the tank, but I was not very sure exactly how much further the next gas station is and I was definitely not ready to risk it in those lonely roads. So the search for a gas station began.

There was no network at the time, but my navigator has a handy feature which shows all the gas stations around and I found one in the town of Cougar, about 33 miles (~53 kms) from the waterfalls. Now going to Cougar would have added another 66 miles (~106 kms) to the trip as it was on the opposite side and more importantly 2 more hours, but I decided to head there anyway. If I filled up at Cougar, at least I will have more fuel in my tank than I would have if I started as is. 

This is where the first route would have been better as Cougar would fall on the way and I wouldn't have had to do all the backtracking.
A stop somewhere on the way to Cougar

The ride to Cougar was uneventful. I rode there a little bit reserved as I did not want to use up more fuel. At Cougar, I found one old looking Gas Station and decided to fill up there. It took me some time to figure out how to use it and the best part was that they had 0% Ethanol fuel. A little bit pricey but the nineT loves it. I also got to say that on the way to Cougar, I got my first experience of driving by a road kill, and trust me when I say this, when not expected, the odour hits harder than a brick – almost enough to throw one off the road.

A heritage Looking Gas station for a Heritage looking motorcycle. This was my first time coming across one of these

On the way back, I came across the sign for a place called Climbers Bivouac trailhead and saw that it is a trailhead on top of a mountain. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to climb this route. It was again an unpaved route, very similar to the one I had to do for Cloud Cap Inn, but a lot shorter. From the trailhead I decided to turn around and took some pictures on the way.

The route to Climber’s Bivouac Trailhead
The view from up top

Now it was time to backtrack all the way back to Lower Lewis falls and then drive down to Takhlakh Lake. On the way back, I came across one small bridge which I was drawn to. I stopped here to get some rest and take pictures. 

Had to cross this bridge on the way back. Decided to stop here for a breather
Found a nice place near the water to sit and relax
A view of the other side

Time was past 3 by this time and I really had to get a move on.

A look back at the bridge as I ride towards Takhlakh Lake

Next stop is going to be Takhlakh Lake.

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