Exploring Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Takhlakh Lake

By the time I passed the Lower Lewis Falls on the way to Takhlakh road. Time was already around 4:00 PM and the sun had started to drift towards the horizon. The whole atmosphere inside the forest roads had changed and it felt so peaceful driving on those roads. These roads felt so unexplored and untouched. There was growth on both the sides covering more than half of the road, the shadow from the trees added contrast and the occasional sight of Mt Adams in the distance kept me going.

A road less traveled? Mt Adam’s in the distance kept me going

The road soon stopped and it turned to a gravel road. GPS showed me that there is a path forward and I moved on trusting the GPS till it asked me to take another cut into a small road which supposedly will lead me to the Lake. I was not very sure about this but I took this road and after a little bit was relieved to see the lake in all its majesty.

Back on Gravel roads again. Trust the GPS and onwards
This road is supposed to take me to Takhlakh lake. At least pavement is back

To me it felt like a small version of Trillium Lake – which is not at all a bad thing. As I was setting up my camera and tripod, I met a photographer couple who was there to take pictures of the lake as well. After discussing where the good points are to take pictures from and small chit chats, they told me that they were in the middle of exploring the North West and just the day before, they were in another timezone entirely. We talked for a bit and it was a short but good company to have. I checked with them about the condition of the road they came on and they confirmed it was as bad as the one I had taken to reach there. My initial plan was to stay a little longer at the lake, but I decided to get a move on early so that I don’t have to ride on those roads in the dark.

Mt Adam’s reflected on Takhlakh Lake

It was time to get a move on getting back home.

Time to get a move on. There is a long way to go.

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