Seattle to Palouse Falls : A weekend Road Trip

Wild Horse Monument

Wild Horse monument was a location that I chose to visit, just because it is on the way. But it turned out to be a case of searching for copper and finding gold. But we’ll come back to that. Before this, I had another issue to solve, I was running low on fuel.

I was hoping to fill up at Washtucna and I had spotted a gas station there on the way to the falls. When I reached that gas station at Washtucna, my worry turned out to be true. The gas station was not working and there was no one to turn to for help. I had fuel left for about 60 miles (~95 kms) and Othello was around 45 miles (~72 kms) from Washtucna. But I couldn’t help but feel a little worried because I’m the kind of person who worries if I dont have at least a 50 miles (~80 kms) fuel buffer. But this could not be helped and I decided to wing it to Othello.

Sun was quite fierce by the time and it was hot. I had turned off the AC to save fuel and I was driving with the roof open. It was a strange feeling where the sun was burning while the wind was cool. After about 45 minutes, I reached Othello and rolled into the gas station, with 15 miles (24 kms) worth of fuel left in the tank (Very close for comfort by my standards).

She is full at last. Now I can relax

The drive after filling up was as per routine. Straight roads cutting through wavy green farm lands, and maybe it was a bit too soothing because I started feeling sleepy. With the worry of fuel settled and mind at ease, I started drifting off to sleep and as soon as I realized this was happening, I decided to stop where possible next and take a power nap. Soon I spotted another gas station on the way. I parked in the shade and slept for a bit inside the car. After about 15 minutes of sleep, I was back up and ready to take on the road again.

Straight road cutting through farm lands.
Feeling drowsy. Time for a power nap

I had heard about it, but never experienced it – a power nap really does wonders to the body. I was feeling alert and driving no longer felt like a chore. I was enjoying the drive again and getting back in the groove. After sometime, around 11:00 am, I reached War Horse Monument and unlike the other places, this place was crowded. I was starving by this time and I decided to have the packed lunch. I got a call from my brothers around this time and time passed with the chit chat. I spent more time than expected here between the brunch, call and taking photos.

Power nap over. Time to hit the road again
Wild Horse Monument. Those are giant metal horses

The reason I was impressed by the place was because of the scenery. The view of Columbia River from here was amazing and I could only imagine how beautiful it will look early in the morning or sunset

This view. Cant wait to come back here for sunrise or sunset
As I’m writing this, I had a thought why not visit and see how it looks, and there -  a plan made. I’ll probably do that one by motorcycle

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