Three Days In Washington State

Day 3 : The Ridge and the End of a trip

Soon I passed by the town of Port Angeles and started ascending the mountains to the view point. The road was completely empty at this time which also led to a pleasant surprise. Lots of animals were up and about on the road. Just jumping by and looking on curiously. It felt like even they were startled by the odd time visit I was making.

On the way to Hurricane Ridge
Signs of clouds at the top

As I  reached hurricane Ridge, the overcast clouds had taken on a shade of pink and red. I spent a lot of time taking pictures here and just exploring and spent time here well into the sunset. The viewpoint was empty except for a few photographers which led to a nice and serene experience. 

Sunset! Hurricane Ridge, you beauty
A little walk to the other side of the view point and the view from there
The final moments of sunset

After dark, I started heading back home. Now the trip was over and it was time to head back home. There is nothing particular to talk about on the drive home except that it was probably a full moon that day and I have to say that driving under the rising moon is entirely different all together. Sunset and sunrise is one thing, but moon rise, it really was the icing on the cake. 

Driving under the moonlight.. Not the best picture, but one of the best experience!

I reached home around midnight. The trip was around 1600 miles covered in 3 days. What started as a crazy idea – to visit the North, East, South and West of Washington turned into an amazing trip. And considering how spontaneous the planning and setting off for this trip was, it turned out beautifully.

Will I do this trip again? Probably yes, but on a motorcycle. But that might be more of a 5 day trip than 3 days and I might probably go to some more places in Oregon as well since I have more time. But let’s talk about that when that happens. Till next time….. 🙂 

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