Three Days In Washington State

Day 2 : A golden sunrise

Day 2 started early, at around 4:00 am. The sunrise was at 5 in the morning and I wanted to be at Steptoe Butte at sunrise. After quickly freshening up, I set off towards Steptoe Butte at around 4:30 am. I planned to come back to the hotel for breakfast and then checkout. So all I did was carry the camera gear and set off. It was blue hour when I reached Steptoe Butte base and soon the drive up started. The drive up the butte is fun and scary in a way. It does not have a very high elevation – probably about a 1000 ft, but that elevation gain happens fairly quickly and on narrow roads which do not have any guard rails. I was very glad I came here the previous night as I had a good image of what the road was like and what to expect. As I was driving up, I saw the sunrise was starting and I decided to pull over at the side of the road itself for sunrise and take some pictures.

Sunrise at Steptoe Butte
The colors changes drastically as the sun slowly made its way up
That beautiful sunrise! The sight makes all the effort worth it

After taking pictures of the sunrise, I decided to go to the top of Butte to take some more pictures. By this time, the landscape was fully visible and the early morning sun was casting beautiful shadows on the folds of the farm lands. Cue in pictures. 

The landscape!
Basking in the sunrise

After taking the pictures, I spent some time here just taking in the view. People were starting to come in by then I just spent time just walking around, seeing what other people were doing and the poses they were doing. It got crowded fairly quickly and I decided to return to the hotel. Going down was a bit tough with the stream of cars coming up and people stopping on the way up to the viewpoint to take pictures.

A closer look at the crops on the way down from Steptoe Butte
Time to head back to the hotel.

At around 8:30, I was back in the room with the packed food that they gave.  

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