Three Days In Washington State

Day 3 : Drive along the the Pacific Coast

Day 3 was also supposed to be an early start. The plan involved starting from home around 5:00 am in the morning, then going to Cannon Beach for Sunrise, then heading up all the way till Cape Flattery in Washington, then Hurricane Ridge and then sunrise, also explore all places in between, which was Ruby Beach, La Push, Rialto Beach, Shishi beach, Hoh Rain forest if possible. At least that was the initial plan and quite an ambitious one to. . 

On checking the status of the places along this route, most of the places in Olympic National Park were not accessible at the time because of the pandemic. Hoh Rain Forest and ShiShi beach were closed and the status of Cape Flattery was not clear. With these in mind, the plan came down to just Cannon Beach, Ruby, Rialto and Hurricane Ridge. With most of the places out of scope, starting early did not make sense as I wanted to be at Hurricane Ridge for sunset. So Cannon went out the window as well.

All this meant that I had a lazy start for the day. I woke up late on Day 3 and started the drive around 11 AM. I was very familiar with the  day 3 route and I was not concerned with time. After stopping by a Burger king for breakfast, I got on the way. Western Washington was a welcome sight for tired eyes. After all the brown and flat landscapes I had been driving by for the past two days, the shade of trees, the greenery and all the water around was so calming to the mind. There was a lot of traffic on the road as well, which I believe is probably from people returning after the 4th of July Celebrations. But soon after Aberdeen, the traffic dispersed and I was left on my own again.

Wildflowers lined the road side
Such a relief from Day 2 landcape
Happy to be back among the mountains

Driving on the US101 is one of my favorite drives. There are lots of Beaches to stop by along the way, ofcourse, Ruby being probably the most famous one. I feel each of these beaches has its own attraction to it and its unique story to tell. From Ruby, Rialto, Shishi, Beach 4 etc, they are all unique beaches in landscape and layout. Ruby has a lot of pebbles, Rialto has black sands, ShiShi beach one needs to climb down and it feels like a beach next to a cliff face. 

A beach on the way

However, for me day 2 was not about visiting beaches.. I had just one destination in mind at this point really. My favorite destination in all of Washington. Hurricane Ridge View point at Sunset. The rest of the places were interesting, but I had been there before and it did not occupy my interest, at least not considering the hour of day I was driving by them. 

The big Cedar Tree
Looks better in person.

The road was lined by wild flowers on both sides. It was sunny and green and I could smell the ocean again. I made quick stops at some beaches along the way just to stretch and take a peek, but didn’t bother to take many pictures or really explore it much. When I arrived at Ruby, I decided to stop however I could not spend much time there. The smell of gunpowder and smoke was really stinging my eyes and I decided to move on. But there was a little less popular but beautiful beach nearby –  Rialto Beach.

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