Three Days In Washington State

Day 3 : A Dark and Cloudy Beach

Rialto Beach is a short 1 hour drive, but it is a little bit of a detour from US101. If you have just one day in the area and can visit only one beach, I would recommend still Ruby beach, but if you have been to Ruby before, but not Rialto then it is worth the visit. 

As expected Rialto was not as crowded as Ruby was and I could easily find a parking spot here. It was cloudy and there was a cool breeze at this time and I went in search of a quiet place to relax. I’m not really a beach person and always prefer mountains to beaches, but I did miss it now. It was quiet, windy and relaxing. The dark sand looked even darker and the wind was blowing really hard. I managed to find a place to sit near some driftwood and relax for a bit. Sometimes the best part of a trip is not the trip itself, but these small breaks that you take from it.

The last beach stop. Time to get back on the road

After almost an hour at Ruby, I got back on the road then soon I was back on US101 heading towards Port Angeles. I was still doing good on time and so I decided to make one more stop on the way. Lake Crescent.

Lake Crescent is probably my most visited spot in the Olympic area and I will probably be making more visits in future as well (I believe I had done 3 more visits between this trip and writing this post). Lake crescent is beautiful, no doubt about it with its clear blue waters and mostly secluded location. It is the perfect mid way stop for anyone doing the US 101 loop around the Olympic Peninsula and also my favorite place to stay in this area. This visit was particularly good as wild flowers were in full bloom and the climate was just perfect with just a little overcast, not too hot or cold. 

At Lake Crescent
Wildflowers in full bloom

I spent time near the lake to adjust to reaching Hurricane Ridge and at around 6 pm, I set off again. My plan was to reach Hurricane Ridge around 7:30 PM. It’s only about an hour drive from Lake Crescent to Hurricane Ridge and I was sure I would make it well within the time.

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