Author’s Thoughts


Here I talk about my random thoughts or about the questions I get asked about my travels. And maybe some random ramblings when I need to write to clear my head.

Why I Ride…..

I recently completed 1 year of ownership of RnineT and I figured what better way to commemorate the event than by talking about riding, how I met the nineT and why I’m so passionate about it. This is a topic I have been meaning to write about for some time now and the idea started […]

How I Take Self Portraits

Now this is an interesting topic to write about! My self portraits during the solo trips have been a point of discussion quite a few times now – main question being – ‘who is it that take my pictures on these trips?’. Even when I was discussing about starting a blog with my friends, the […]

My First Learnings

Well, the next author’s thought came a lot earlier than I expected. And what brought about this unexpected post is that after posting my first travel story ‘Exploring the North Cascades’, I decided to pull the plug on it temporarily. What happened? Well, my initial plan was to post stories in parts which I will […]

Who Or What Is The Lone Traveler?

Not all who wander are Lost J. R. R. Tolkien And you will find me wandering a lot! As I’m sitting here listening to the lines of my now favorite song, the realization has started to sink in that writing about myself is not as easy as I originally thought. Also, considering that this is […]

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