About the Author

Motorcyclist, Photographer, Wanderlust

Youngest in a family of 4 brothers, I was born and raised in India. I spent most of my childhood days in a small town in Kerala, a state in the southern part of India. Moved to Bangalore, Karnataka  for higher studies and later started working in Bangalore. I got my first taste of travel after I moved to Bangalore when I was gifted a motorcycle by my brother – a sweet black 500cc Classic Royal enfield – and since then there was no going back. I fell hard in love with motorcycling and most weekends was spent exploring the roads around Bangalore and the other weekends spent on its maintenance.

Photography started a little earlier and it started with a Nokia N8 (Which was the cutting edge among the Camera centric phones from back in 2010). My brothers who are avid and passionate photographers inspired me to take better and better pictures. This all fell into place after I got my first DSLR Camera – my brother’s old Nikon D7000 – which opened up a whole new world of photography. Travel and photography had started to become a part of life now, and on a bad day, it pushes me to move forward even today.

Life moved me to Washington, USA for work and this is where the lone traveler was born. A new country, completely alone for the first time and lots of time in hand, I turned to what I enjoyed doing the most. Exploring and photography. This is where I truly embraced the lifestyle of the lone traveler and this is where the story for this blog begins.

Curiosity drives my travels. How will Mt. Rainier look at night? will St. Helens have snow in February? What will I see if I drive to Picture lake in December? Can I ride 500 miles on a motorcycle in one day? There is no intent, there is no destination to these road trips, it is just fun and curiosity and sometimes a burning temptation to just take the motorcycle out for a spin. And the simple appreciation for beauty in all things around me, from the view of the valley atop Artist Point to the mirror like water of Trillium lake, everything inspires me to take my camera out and start clicking.

The idea of this blog is not to share travel tips, not to show you how to plan a road trip or talk about the best destinations around. These are not things that I’m good at nor something that I do for myself. If you are looking for a travel story from short road trips and pictures to go along with it, then you might find this blog worthwhile and I hope you will enjoy experiencing these stories as much as I enjoy recollecting and sharing them.

So who am I? Well, that depends on who you ask. For most, I’m a quiet soft spoken techie who is passionate about his career and likes to go home early and spend a comfortable night at home. For others, I’m an avid traveler who just can’t sit at home and is always planning the next road trip and looking for the next location to photograph.

This traveling side of me is what I would like to reveal in this blog, the adventures of a techie who likes to get up early, pick a random spot on the map and just ride/drive there. And maybe along the way, I hope I can inspire more lone travelers to find their motivation to step out as well.