The Lone Traveler

What is The Lone Traveler?

Lone Traveler came into being after long hours of debating whether to share the travel stories as a blog and move out of my comfort zone of posting Instagram stories. Think of the lone traveler as my personal travel diary, that I’m keeping open to share my experiences

The idea of this blog is not to share travel tips, not to show you how to plan a road trip or talk about the best destinations around. These are not things that I’m good at and not the intent for the lone traveler. If you are looking for a travel story from short road trips and pictures to go along with it, then you might find this blog worthwhile and I hope you will enjoy reading these experiences as much as I enjoy recollecting and sharing them.

Latest Blog Posts

Three Days In Washington State

Prologue The Great Washington Loop. This is the result of a crazy idea which began with the thought – what would be the biggest road trip to do within Washington State. What would it be like to go from Seattle to North of Washington, then East, South and West. What would it be like to […]

Why I Ride…..

I recently completed 1 year of ownership of RnineT and I figured what better way to commemorate the event than by talking about riding, how I met the nineT and why I’m so passionate about it. This is a topic I have been meaning to write about for some time now and the idea started […]

Seattle to Palouse Falls : A weekend Road Trip

Prologue For me Palouse was a destination that was so elusive, one which felt so close but out of reach. Add to that it is a place to be visited during late spring to early summer, I somehow never made it there. I always somehow missed the timing . It was also a place that […]

A Weekend in Frozen Idaho

Prologue The last blog –  Mt Hood Scenic Byway loop – was a long read. In contrast to that, this is going to be a shorter one and with a lot more pictures to tell the story. While the trips I wrote about till now were all solo trips, this is one I did with […]

Mount Hood Scenic Byway Loop

Prologue As of writing this post, this is the only overnight trip I have done in the USA on a motorcycle. I covered close to 1000 miles (1600 kms) and explored a bit of two states in 3 days. It’s been a while since I did this, so I don’t remember some of the details. […]

How I Take Self Portraits

Now this is an interesting topic to write about! My self portraits during the solo trips have been a point of discussion quite a few times now – main question being – ‘who is it that take my pictures on these trips?’. Even when I was discussing about starting a blog with my friends, the […]

The Drive Along The Columbia River Gorge

The plan and the preparation This is the 2nd road trip I am writing about. This one is by car and happened around mid March, just before the stay at home order was announced to control the COVID-19 Pandemic. Around this time, I had developed a healthy habit of doing one new hike every weekend. […]

Exploring The North Cascades

The Route Plan and The Beginning Well, here we are! Officially the first post about a motorcycle Ride. While I could have started with any of the trips that I did in the past 2 years, this holds a special place in my mind. This route was one which covered lakes, mountains, valleys, snow, small […]

My First Learnings

Well, the next author’s thought came a lot earlier than I expected. And what brought about this unexpected post is that after posting my first travel story ‘Exploring the North Cascades’, I decided to pull the plug on it temporarily. What happened? Well, my initial plan was to post stories in parts which I will […]


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