The Drive Along The Columbia River Gorge

The Bridge of the Gods

The straight narrow roads of WA-14 quickly started winding and became a climb. I could see that I was gaining elevation and was getting a good view of the Columbia river from between the foliage. The river looked stunning and I was looking for a spot to take the picture of the Columbia river. At last I found one lay-by where I can stop. But I could not get a clear view of the river here. So moved on.

The straight roads quickly starts Winding as I approached the mountains
It was a fiery sunrise
Looking for a place to take a picture of Columbia River

Shortly after I arrived at an opening and there was a stunning view of the Columbia River below – the kind that makes you say WOW! I was at Cape Horn Lookout. There is a trail which leads to a place with a better scenic view and I was quite tempted to tackle it. But then decided against it as I already had a plan in mind and did not want to miss out on it. It was also terribly cold, windy and there was ice and snow on the road side as well. I stopped here to take some photos. 

Stopped at Cape Horn to take some pictures of Columbia River Gorge
It was still sunrise, the morning light added to the beauty of the place
The mountains on Oregon side. Wonder what they are called
The view I was greeted with at Cape Horn

The road started descenting soon after Cape Horn Lookout and soon I was almost back to the river’s level. On my right I could see the Multnomah Falls, OR. I did not have a lens capable of taking a picture that could do justice to the view. So I decided to move on after enjoying the view. This route was already proving to be a lot better than anything I could have hoped for. 

Road Started descending soon. The view kept me occupied

The roads were winding, beautiful and scenic. I had my favorite songs playing on high volume and overall  was having the time of my life when I came across a sign “Bridge of the Gods, Next right”. It took me a while to realize what I had just read and I had never heard of this place before. As I passed by the said right, I could see a narrow and a really tall bridge which cut across the Columbia River. By the time I could make up my mind whether to stop or not, I had already passed the right turn. So I decided to move on.

Shortly after, I reached the town of Stevenson, WA. The first thing that I noticed when rolling in was a gas station. I had enough fuel left, but as I was completely new to this road, I decided to fuel up just in case. While topping up the fuel, Bridge of the gods still lingered in my mind and by the time I was done filling up, I had made up my mind to go back to see what it was about. After fueling up, I turned back and got back on the way to Bridge of the Gods.

View when about to enter Steveson, WA
Decided to head back to Bridge of the Gods. Mountains stand majestically in front of you

There is a parking lot next to Bridge of the Gods from where you can get a view of the Bridge and I can tell you that it is TALL. I checked on google to see what the deal is and where it heads to and realized it is a toll bridge that cuts to Oregon. Taking that bridge seemed like it might add another 30 minutes to the trip and it was already 8:15AM. Already late as per schedule for the Falls Creek Falls hike. So I decided to skip the bridge this time and get back on the road to the trail. Soon I crossed the town of Stevenson again and WA-14 continued to wind through the mountains. After about 4 miles, I got to the roundabout by which I can exit WA-14 and get on to Wind River Highway – the road that will take me to Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Bridge of the Gods. Could not get a better shot this time unfortunately. But maybe you can still make out how tall it is?


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