The Drive Along The Columbia River Gorge

To Turn Left or Right?

I turned around and drove back the same way I came. There was some snowfall in between, but apart from that it was normal. By the time I got back on Wind river highway, I was disappointed on how the trip turned out. This was not what I expected at all, but at least the drive was scenic. It was only around 11:30 AM and I still had a lot of time left in my hand. Maybe it is worth considering taking the Bridge of the Gods to Enter Oregon and explore Cascade Locks a bit? There is a viewpoint there which I have been meaning to check out for a while now. Decided!. Let’s head to Oregon! 

While I was making my way back to WA-14, I could see the mountains of Oregon on the horizon. The mountain was clad in snow and looked tempting, as if inviting to come and explore every inch of it. I was excited. There was now a new plan –  Cascade Locks. In another 5 minutes or so, I reached the roundabout. 

Sudden snow storm as I was returning
It got green again by the time I was back on Wind River highway
Mountains of Oregon Calling
Reaching the roundabout

Just as I was about to enter the roundabout, another thought came to my mind. Instead of taking right, where will left lead me to? And in that moment, I made the plan to take left instead. I knew from planning the route that there was a longer route to return home and assumed this is the other route. And let me tell you now, this was the best decision I made. 

Words can’t describe the scene, so I will share some pictures instead on the next page. I had not been to the pacific drive yet, but I feel this is the closest you can get to the pacific coast drive inside Washington. Columbia river on the right and mountains to the left. I knew I was in love then…


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