A Weekend in Frozen Idaho

Day 3 : Oregon and Home

From Balanced Rock, home was 615 miles (920 kms) and time was already 12:30 by the time we started from Balanced Rock. Driving in the dark seemed inevitable. We decided that Subhadip would drive as far as he can (and he drove quite a bit) and I would take over once he is tired, just like day 2. This would give me the opportunity to click away to my heart’s content.

And click away I did. I will let the pictures do the talking again 🙂

The beautiful roads of Idaho
I-84 Interstate
Snow capped mountains in the Horizon. Is that Washington State?

Soon we entered Oregon and we were on I – 84 interstate, Vietnam Veterans Memorial highway. I will let the pictures do the talking again as there is no way to describe the scenery we saw in words. it was literally a drive into the sunset.

Enter the Oregon
Those mountains
Its amazing how the road can be seen going right towards the mountains
This drive is almost like a meditation
Windmills hard at work
First signs of setting sun
The receding sunlight adds to the drama
The final moments of Sunset
By this time we were looking for a spot to stop and enjoy the sunset

Just before sunset, we managed to find a viewpoint – Deadman Pass Lookout –  along the Vietnam vetaran’s memorial Highway from where we clicked some more pictures of the sunset.

Deadman Pass Lookout
Enjoying the sunset

We crossed over to Washington just after sunset and about half an hour later, we changed drivers again. The rest of the drive was uneventful and at about 11:00 pm, we all reached home, after covering close to 1700 miles (~2740 kms) in 3 days. 

The cast for this trip. The smiles say it all!

Closing Thoughts : I really do want to do this route again, preferably during summer or fall. But I still have not made up my mind on how I want to do it – whether by car or motorcycle. By motorcycle it would be a very tough ride to do because of the distance that I will need to cover each day. Or maybe I will cover these places again as part of the trips I do to other destinations. Montana, Wyoming and Utah are still waiting 🙂

Do check out Debolina’s Travel blog at http://www.notjustbreathe.com to read about her itineraries and travelogue. A lot of pictures I took during this trip did not make it to this blog. If you are interested in seeing more pictures from the trip, check out this flickr album.

See all the pictures from this trip here


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