Exploring Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Lower Lewis River Falls

From Swift Forest Camp to Lower Lewis Falls is about 15 miles (~24 Kms), but the winding and broken roads made it feel a lot longer. But on this route, I got to see the first signs of Fall Colors for the year and this kept me engaged. 

A reminder of fall season on the way

After a mostly uneventful 15 mile (~25 kms) drive, I reached the trailhead for Lower Lewis Falls. From the trailhead it’s a short walk to the viewpoint. After locking the helmet and bag to the bike, I started the hike to the viewpoint and I was glad it was a short one because of all the gear I was carrying – the camera bag, tripod and the riding jacket.

The first time I saw the waterfall, I was struck by awe. It is hard to explain but all the pictures could never bring out the wonder of the place. The falls look a lot bigger in person than in pictures too. I spent some time here taking pictures and exploring various points of the trailhead. There was a way to reach the base of the waterfalls too and it took me some time to figure out the way to reach there. I went half way down this route, but stopped and climbed back up as there was no way I could make it all the way down with my riding boots and leather riding jackets. I decided to come back here another day by car and started the hike back. Here are some pictures I took from this place.

Lower Lewis River Falls. Next time I will get down to the base of the water falls
A 30 second exposure of the Water falls

The next stop after Lewis falls was Takhlakh Lake and it was time to get moving.

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