Mount Hood Scenic Byway Loop

Day 3 : Back to Multnomah

Day 3 – the last day of the trip. I was up early again – around 5:30 am. After freshening up, I packed the camera and tripod and started from the hotel. I forgot to charge the GoPro batteries the previous night so I could not take much footage of the early morning ride, which is a shame because it was beautiful. 

The first point of interest on day 1 was Multnomah Falls, OR and I had to get back on the ‘Historic Columbia River Highway’ again which I was more than happy to do. On the way to Multnomah Falls, the road climbs quite high as you reach ‘Vista House’ and from where you get an amazing perspective of Columbia river. I was in awe of the sunrise from here. I spent some time here admiring the sunrise.

Vista House
Sunrise from Vista House. View of Columbia River Gorge

As I drove down the winding roads, I could see the excitement in the face of people at the view point as they saw a motorcycle ride down those roads. The Historic Columbia River Highway is – one way to put it – a world of water falls. There are 4 waterfalls which I counted along the way, of which I visited 3. I’m sure there are a lot more waterfalls in the area which I will make sure to visit sometime soon. 

The biggest and most popular among these falls is Multnomah Falls, standing tall at around 620ft. The parking lot was already full at 7:00 am in the morning, but the motorcycle parking section was empty. Much to the envy of others, I parked here and trotted to the falls happily to take some pictures. It is recommended to hike to the top of Multnomah falls, which is a moderate hike, but I did not want to tire myself before the long ride home. So I decided to skip the hike. I continued riding down on Historic Columbia River Highway till where it meets I -84, turned around and returned to the hotel.

Some Long Exposure fun


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